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10 Great Westchester Dog Parks Your Pets Will Love

Caleigh L. Russo

Apr 21, 2022

We round up our favorite places to take your pup for a day of fun, friends, adventure, and so many new smells. We round up our favorite places to take your pup for a day of fun, friends, adventure, and so many new smells.

While we may give ourselves credit for feeding our dogs and letting them out when needed, we need to take into account what they do for us. Our furry friends deserve some reciprocation for their unwavering love and devotion to us. When we need to thank man’s best friend, what better way is there than taking them to the dog park? It’s the perfect outing for dogs, allowing them to make new friends and get rid of pent-up energy. Lucky for us, here in Westchester we have an abundance of dog parks. Here are 10 of our top spots:

Abrendoth Dog Park

139 Touraine Ave, Port Chester Open daily, 8 a.m.-6 p.m.

The results are in, and Abrendoth dog park is a hit! Loved by parents and dogs alike for the large size and a larger pool of dogs, this park is the perfect doggo destination. With safety in mind, there are big and small dog sections so the big dogs can pick on someone their own size.

Bronxville Dog Park

28 Grove Ln, Bronxville Open 24 hours

Open all day, every day is the prairie of green grass better known as Bronxville Dog Park. Rain or shine, many people bring dogs of all shapes and sizes to this easily accessible haven, making it a favorite among Westchester dog parks.

Cedar Lane Dog Park

235 Cedar Ln, Ossining Open Monday-Friday, 6 a.m.-9 p.m.

Located in a luscious (and enclosed) woodsy area, the Ossining dog park is the perfect place for your pup to simply let loose and be a dog. Don’t worry about your canine overheating on those hot summer days, since it’s extra shady. Open several days a week, this park is the perfect powwow.

Elmsford Dog Park

Winthrop Ave, Elmsford Open daily, sunrise to sunset

Just off Winthrop Avenue is the Elmsford Dog Park, a fenced-in doggy playground. Rumor has it that this park even has fire hydrants and dog toys to entertain the pups!

Kingsland Point Dog Park

Tarrytown Light-Knightsland Point Path, Sleepy Hollow Open daily, 9 a.m.-7:30 p.m.

When it comes to entertainment-filled Westchester dog parks, King Point County Park is the perfect spot to bring your dogs on a hike by the water and then watch them play in the designated leash-free area. What better way is there to spend your Saturday?

Larchmont Dog Beach

118 Park Ave, Larchmont Open daily, 9 a.m.-12:30 p.m.

Come one, come all to beat the heat and swim with your dog. While a beach may be considered an “unconventional” place for a dog park, both humans and canines can enjoy the views.

Paws Place Dog Park

300 Broadfield Rd, New Rochelle Open daily, sunrise-sunset

Within the confines of a controlled area, dogs can safely prance around this luscious dog park. Not only is there a wide variety of dog types, but also some diverse trees for nature lovers, including crabapple, black cherry, and even hickory! In other words, there’s plenty of new territory to sniff and mark. However, to enter this dog park with your furry little friend, you need a permit from city hall in New Rochelle.

Peekskill Dog Park

1795 Main St, Peekskill Open daily, 6 a.m.-6 p.m.

With dog toys and separated size-based sections, this park is the perfect local excursion for your pupper in Peekskill.

Pleasantville Dog Park

123 Castleton St, Pleasantville Open daily, sunrise to sunset

Equipped with an obstacle course for the dogs and seats for the parents, this dog park is a great doggo destination. And word has it that there are tennis balls scattered everywhere. Fetch, anyone?

Rumbrook Park East Dog Park

850 Dobbs Ferry Rd, White Plains Open daily, 7 a.m.-8:45 p.m.

Conveniently located in White Plains is the Rumbrook Park East Dog Park, the perfect place for your dog to blow off steam. Even better, there is free access to poop bags and a stream that makes for an excellent view. (Don’t worry! The stream is blocked off from the dog run.)

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